Setting up a personal monorepo

I like writing code in my spare time. However, sometimes my urge to write something new is slowed down by the fact that there is a bunch of repetitive busywork associated with writing code.

One part of that busywork is setting up version control repository. One can argue that having version control for small personal projects might be an overkill, I'm just extremely used to having version control for any code that I write. More than that, I actually enjoy writing down commit messages because it provides a nice little distraction between bursts of writing code which does not take me out of the coding process like other distractions (like, say, watching a YouTube video) do. More than that, making a commit has a similar feeling of achieving a small milestone to levelling up in a video game, which I'm somewhat susceptible to.

Here's in retrospective obvious solution I've recently thought about — I should just set up a personal monorepo for my recreational coding needs, which I just did today.

Since I don't have an experience of actually using it, I don't have much to say about upsides and downsides, but one thing I'm particularly looking forward to is never having to see dozens of small half-baked abandoned repos in my Bitbucket and GitLab accounts.

(also, I just wanted to write something just because I spent a whole evening recently automating a bunch of boring tasks related to posting on this site, and my sunk cost fallacy needs to be satisfied in that regard)